Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disable Facebook Chat FOREVER! [ Chrome ]

Well it happened to me that sometimes the Facebook chat would enable itself out of nowhere in Google Chrome and it was very bothersome [ I think it's something around this line in the FB script: Event.listen(DOM.find(this.buddyListPanel,'#buddy_list_panel_settings_control a'),'click',c);},_clickVisibilityToggle:function(){chatOptions.toggleVisibility();this.closeOpenFlyout();} ], so I made the above script to disable it once and for all. You'd first need to disable it manually, close that window [ without logging out ], install the above script and that's it, you should NEVER see your chat enable itself magically.

If you're half as paranoid as I am [ HAH! ] you might want to take a look at the script and see for yourself that it's not storing anything from your account, all it does is check if you are on facebook, have the chat and if you have it KEEP IT DISABLED [ like you did manually ]:

// ==UserScript==
// @match http://**
// @match*
// ==/UserScript==
alert("No chatOptions!");

that's all it does so... well I hope somebody might find it useful, I know I did! :P here's the link again in case you missed it:
You'll need to have Chrome 4 at least.

Monday, May 26, 2008

češi do toho

i am hatinglandings though and thisczechkeyboard

be seeing you

Monday, April 21, 2008

[ (Somewhat) Scientific Proof of God's Existence ]

Skip the whole post, just give me the proof!

Well I was searching today for the difference between a line integral and a path integral, apparently there is none, Wikipedia uses the terms indiscriminately so my search was a bit dull I think... or not :).

It happens that in my search I found a blog called "Quit Playing Games With My Physics", I got to it through the February archive where the owner talks about line integrals and path integrals (seemingly he does as if they're two different things even when I couldn't find the difference during my "research"), but then I decided I would take a look at the other stuff around, at least the main page to see if something caught my attention. Fortunately something did, the blog owner had as his most recent post there a short writing about a Google bomb he or somebody intends to create for the word Expelled, without even reading about his reasons I decided to start this post to contribute to the bomb.

Then as I started searching what it was all about I found that it's about a movie/documentary [ "documentary" according to some ] called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" [ Wikipedia Article ]
which claims that educators and scientists in the United States are being persecuted for their belief that there might be evidence of intelligent design in nature. In other words it/they claims/claim that there is no such thing as evolution but that everything in nature was previously designed by an intelligent entity who knew what was better and how it could work perfectly, God for example.

What the Google bomb intends is that when people search for "Expelled" in Google there will appear as a first result a site that "(shows you)
why this movie is not a documentary at all, but anti-science propaganda aimed at creating the appearance of controversy where there is none". The first thing that came to my mind to say about that site is: where have you been all this time?. I mean everybody does that, everyone manipulates "truths" at their own benefit, from the US Government to your mothers and of course ourselves, at every level in every way you can think of: it is and has been happening for years now, so why only complain about this simple movie? why not complain about more important things all the governments have made up for us to swallow? why not spend your time searching for solutions to problems that really affect the way we live right now instead of complaining about something that in the end won't solve the ecological crisis humanity and the planet are facing in this moment? In the end it is just a matter of existentialism and a matter of a "ha-ha I was right and you were wrong" thing to find where we come from and why we are here so why spend so much time thinking on that?. The same goes to the movie/documentary of course. Cause in the end I am convinced that God presents Himself in different ways to everyone depending on how He thinks you'll best accept Him, even if one of these ways is the very absence of Him itself, like for all atheists out there [ hi there spikey! *waves + smiles* :P ].

Nevertheless this small topic made my schizotypal personality connect some dots and took me to post something I thought of a couple of days ago, well probably I had listened to this theory before but I don't know why I hadn't said anything about it, probably because I wasn't very sure if it was applicable or probably I made it up myself, but the thing is that an idea came to my mind of how to "scientifically" demonstrate the existence of the God I have so much faith in, of course this is more of a "talked" proof than something with equations and stuff, it probably can be done like that but I don't have the required knowledge to do it that way, so here it is:


Well first of all I want you to think of the most perfect thing in nature, it could be anything you can think of, a spider's web, clouds, electricity, the human body, number pi, fractals, anything that is intrinsically perfect by nature. Now let's get into some science, in physics there is something called entropy, which in plain English can be thought of as the level of disorder in a given place, according to a law of thermodynamics [ the second one to be precise ] the entropy in that given place can only grow as time passes, which means for example that glasses can't magically assemble themselves once they have been broken but rather than breaking them is the "natural flow" in our universe, in other words: disorder constantly increases. Now think of a "given place" big enough or small enough that contains our planet and therefore the perfect natural thing you thought of. Given the second law of thermodynamics that I just mentioned there are only two possible ways for this perfect thing to exist: 1. It's there by chance, luck, accident or randomness. and 2. There is some sort of negative entropy that made it perfect instead of letting it be disorder.

Now I'd really like you to consider for number 2 that if well it's true that there is no proof yet that something as a source of negative entropy exists, it just has to. Think about it for a moment, everything in this life has its counterpart, and I mean everything: light/darkness, sound/silence, happiness/sadness, matter/antimatter. We just haven't discovered negative entropy yet and probably are far from doing so, but try to think the way I do for a second, try to think that there is some sort of intelligent entity we can't see, a source of negative entropy small enough or big enough to alter something as smallest as a cell, a molecule, an atom, a quark in the course of time just in the slightest way to create the minimum of negative entropy needed for a unicellular organism thousands of millions of years ago to evolve in the most perfect thing in the whole universe that you thought of. Well that intelligent being capable of changing the course of history just by moving an electron or two is what I call God.

Well that for me is enough proof of His existence, my brother told me after I told him that that there is still the possibility it was number 1 and we couldn't know if it was it because in all other "tries" or "experiments" nature made chance didn't make them work, he said for example that in the book Contact they talked about the perfection of pi and then he said that probably pi didn't exist in those other experiments/universes
and so something didn't happen appropriately and they failed; so I told him that the single fact that there existed the number pi and that we could see it for ourselves was enough proof that things don't happen by chance. As Albert Einstein said: "God doesn't play dice with the universe".

And don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting intelligent design here, I believe in evolution, I believe in "Creationist Evolutionism" or "Evolutionist Creationism", I don't know if you're familiar with it, I probably made it up myself but it is so clear in the Genesis, man was created from mud or dust: after millions of years of evolution. It says in the Bible it was in 7 days well a day in God's life, in the life of an eternal being could mean 7 thousands of thousands of millions of years, of course God could not explain this in those times and he preferred to use simple and understandable words. I wish I could do that to explain his existence but as I've mentioned before in a post: "God is greater than that which all the religions say about Him."

Well I hope I didn't upset you with this, it was not my intention, but rather bring yet some more points of view to this subject, thanks for reading me and have a good day.

Oh, by the way, I'm still gonna post the Google bomb just for the fun of it :P :
I'm gonna try to watch the film though, I'll keep you up to date ;)... or not.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

[ Wortschatz ][ German Vocabulary Software ]

Well this a small project I made for my brother, he is learning German and he said he was feeling lazy to make study cards to learn the genres/articles, feminines and plurals of words so he asked me to program this simple application.
What it does is that it randomly takes a word from a CSV file [ wortschatz_worts_db.csv ] and presents you either its plural or the word itself, then you must fill in the rest of the info and then the program tells you if you were right or wrong about it [ presenting the right answer in this later case ], then it selects another word and so on until you get tired or bored.

The words can be categorized thanks to another CSV file [
wortschatz_kategories_db.csv, this one and the previous file can be manipulated (add, delete and modify entries) with Excel (or its open source equivalent) as long as it doesn't change the format when you save it, be very careful with this ], each one of the lines in that file defines a category, this category should have a code [ a sequence preferably ] to identify it and you should include this code to make a word be included in a category. The software lets you chose at every moment if you want to work with a certain category or with all of them.

For example, let's take a look at one of the entries in the words file:

The first number represents the word identifier, just a sequence or correlative [ that could be generated with Excel/Calc ], the second one is the category code, the third value is the word's article, the next one is the word itself, then there is the word's feminine [ in this case inexistent ] and finally the word's plural. It is important to notice that the program allows words to not have feminine but doesn't allow them to not have plural, if there is any error in any of the lines of the file the program will present the "Irrtum" [ Error ] word but after you select the next word will continue to work normally [ if the next word doesn't have an error as well ].

The entry in the categories file associated to the code 9 is the following:

In which the first number represents an identifier and the next value is the name of the category itself.

I'll provide now some screenshots of this simple application running on Windows XP:

Finally I will only make it clear that this is open source software distributed under a GPL license and thus you can modify the source and change the application at your taste [ if you know a bit of Java ], but the result of modifying the source files cannot be sold commercially [ read the included license, please ], also the license clearly explains that there is no warranty for this free software and that all modified versions of it must be marked as changed.

System Requirements.
Not many of them and not so high ones either: 64MB RAM, 700MHz processor, Java 1.6.
As I've said before the software is made in Java so you will need to have the latest version of the Java Virtual Machine installed in your computer before running it, you can get it from the Java site. If you use the Windows version it will give you the option to automatically download and install the required Java for you.

Download Links.
Source Code.
Platform Independent Version. [ runs in any Operating System (Linux, Mac OS X, etc.) , just unzip it and run the JAR file ]
Windows Installer. [ if you're not sure what to get you're probably searching for this one ]

Additional Resources.
The words and categories files included in the above distributions have just a couple of suggested entries as a form of example, my brother has personalized already his two files [ modifying them as I've mentioned earlier ] and he has let me publish them here. The categories file contains 12* categories and the words file contains 1021* categorized words, if you want you can download them and replace [ inside the installation directory ] the ones that are included in the above distributions with these new ones:
Categories. *
Words. *

* = updated on 2008/04/13

Oh I almost forgot, people who make open source software always say in the end: "if you find this software useful please consider donating to my paypal to buy me a beer or two"... but it happens I don't have a paypal and neither am too much of a beer fan so instead please consider donating to Save The Children, thank you.

updated on 2009/04/05
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Monday, February 4, 2008

[ Superbowl XLII ][ Eli Manning - David Tyree Play ]

Well I must say I am not a big fan of USA "Football" but I almost always watch the Superbowl just to see what I am missing and man yesterday it was great!!.

The day before the game I was rooting for the Patriots for no reason at all, then on Sunday I found out they hadn't lost in the season and that made me change my mind XD, I thought "oh well I have nothing to lose since I don't actually root for anyone" and so I started going with the Giants, man was it sweet.

HERE'S THE VIDEO of the play that saved the game for the Giants.