Thursday, September 6, 2007

[ Qué PUTAS?! ]

Fuck, violence is so out of control in this hellish place... I have news of people I've seen/known getting killed almost every other day... what the fuck is going on, man?! this fucking capitalist system doesn't work SHIT!!!! neither does socialist system, all political systems are BULLSHIT!!! we need something based on fucking principles, man, we need something based on peace, on love, on equity, we need to fucking head towards God not towards ourselves or the money we want... FUCK!!! I can't even walk in the streets without getting the idea I might not go back home these days... it's always been so fucking crazy here but this is just too much man...and of course it's not the killers' fault the only one to blame is FUCKING GEORGE W. BUSH and his stupid non-sense greed, all those fuckers in Washington and the fuckers here in El Salvador who kiss their asses and all fucker who thinks having money brings happiness all those fuckers that don't let poor people stand up by themselves those bastards who can't stop getting more and more money saying it's a "fair competition" when they started 200Miles ahead the rest, how the fuck can somebody with university studies say it's fair to compete with people who can't even read or write??!? where the hell are we heading man?!?! FUCK!!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! ...

This might be the last post I type in my life and I can't help thinking of that right now... We all need to get closer to God, after that it will all fall into place... thanks to everybody who has made me who I am right now.