Friday, October 26, 2007

[ Rather Good Music ]

Hi kids! I'm bringing you around 60 minutes of great music, got lots of stuff to tell you but no time to do so, I might during the weekend... see you, hope you enjoy it:

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

[ Blogger Drafts Suck ]

Just like that, that feature really sucks, what use does it have to save drafts if when you access them they're totally blank?. Everytime I have an important post to make I rather take my time to do it well [ contrary to this post ] and so I save it as a draft to continue working on it for some days but then as I edit it from my "posts listing" [ or whatever ] a couple of days after I saved it it will only show a blank page to edit, when I post it though the content is still there but can't be edited in any way -_-.

You would expect more from Google and also in the "Help Center" there's no way of reporting this "bug" as far as I could see -_-.

Blogger drafts suck!

[ Immerse Your Soul In Love ]

Radiohead - Street Spirit [ Fade Out ]

Thursday, October 11, 2007

[ Try Try Try ]

I've always liked this song by The Smashing Pumpkins but I had never watched the video until now and I liked it a lot, hope you do too. [ Great band by the way, thanks to the friend who got me to listen to it, he knows who he is ]

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

[ My princess's thoughts ]

Well my girlfriend wrote this on her blog, I liked it and thought it would be a nice thing to share with ALL my readers XD. [ I'm keeping its original format ]:

The aspects of me as a Christian goth

It's been nearly 12 years since I've been a Christian and 14 months since I've been a goth (though I did have some traits also a long time before that, I didn't know anything about "gothicism" and what it was yet, so I can't tell that it was earlier.) And here is my view on how both these aspects closely relate...

A goth is, to a certain extent, an outcast of the society, partly for he choses so himself and partly for he's not accepted by it... though nowadays I can't say it's still quite valid as "gothic" has been becoming a popular trend. I hope it will pass soon so that media and pubertal kids who change their image according to magazins will leave gothic alone again. A Christian in these times is an outcast as well. Especially here in Europe (when I don't count Asian countries where Christianity never had a strong position) and especially here in Czech Republic. Why just here? There has been an opposition against the Catholic church for centuries, starting with the Hussite wars. But these tendentions began to expand in the later decades of the 19th century, when the Czech nation craved for independence from the Austrian - Hungarian monarchy. Then who was a real Czech patriot has to be against the Habsburger and that automatically meant against the Catholic church, which also was a support of the state. Then with time somehow this disliking for Catholicism expanded against also other Christian churches and Christianity in general. Possibly what helped affirm this were 40 years of the Communist regime that systematicallyfought against Christianity, but more relevant is that already decades before that began, the faith was weak in this nation (if it hadn't been weak before, it wouldn't be broken by the regime - see Poland, where it still stays.)

Both a goth and Christian seek for more than what this world can offer. They can see that material things, fame, popularity will not make them happy. We can see how everything is passing, we realize that even our own lifes last just for a while to pass away as well. Therefore we want to be in touch with our soul, search for what lies there and what it truly desires, so that we can live our life genuinely and authentically.

They both also know that it is necessary to accept the whole reality of the world and life, including pain, sorrow, sadness, anxiety and death. We must face the fact that this is no perfect world (though once it was and it will be again, but that is beyond human possibilities) and that painful things will come. It is up to us to embrace them and possibly later see that they had a meaningful place in our life and that they formed us as a human being.

Also both gothicism and Christianity bring freedom. Freedom to be our own beings, to accept ourselves the way we are with both positive and negative traits, to stop worrying about what others think of us, to gain inner independence from others' judgements. Also freedom to believe in our ideals and stay faithful to them even when we are alone and everyone else around thinks differently. We don't have to accept their "norms" if they clearly aren't good or if they aren't the good thing for us; we just need to be ourselves and not to be bothered by not fitting in.