Tuesday, April 25, 2006

[ Loud people ]

I hate loud people, and I hate it even more when there are a lot of loud people together, that indistinguishable bunch of words is so disturbing; humans should be designed to communicate in half duplex instead of full duplex. Actually I think we are but we try full duplex anyways...we bastards.

[ Theology ]

What is Theology? the Scientific study of God? the study of religions?; whichever meaning it has, why study that? why use our time in that kind of study when we could use it for helping others, for loving others for making this world a better place, for building His Kingdom on Earth...?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

[ Vote against the pipeline ]


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[ Cannot play with Madness ]

Everybody is saying "yes" to madness:
In the movie Waking Life one of the characters says something like: "Life is a constant rejection of saying 'yes' to death, Life is a constant 'NO' to death". Lately it seems like Life is also becoming a "NO" to madness/insanity, I am not talking about random insanity or random madness, the one you can use for a couple of minutes and then go back to "normal"; I am talking about real madness, dangerous madness, a lot of people around me seem to can't take the pressure of the end of this Era and are saying "yes" to insanity, it's the easiest way out.

[ Bugs ]

I like to think some humans are like those flying insects, they want to reach the shinny bright thing ahead, but when they're there they get burned with it and they die.