Friday, August 24, 2007

[ I'm 25.48 % mainstream ][ T_T ] result
RyoujiShiki's top artists:
  1. Lacrimosa: 6% mainstream
  2. Opeth: 19% mainstream
  3. Therion: 12% mainstream
  4. Trans-Siberian Orchestra: 8% mainstream
  5. Mogwai: 32% mainstream
  6. The Strokes: 66% mainstream
  7. Haggard: 5% mainstream
  8. Dream Theater: 26% mainstream
  9. L'Arc~en~Ciel: 9% mainstream
  10. Radiohead: 103% mainstream
  11. Muse: 80% mainstream
  12. The Chemical Brothers: 50% mainstream
  13. The Delgados: 5% mainstream
  14. Siouxsie and the Banshees: 14% mainstream
  15. Joy Division: 36% mainstream
RyoujiShiki is 25.48 % mainstream

Monday, August 20, 2007

[ Happy Birthday Spikey!! ]

Hello there, little spikey from the southern enchanted woods of Finland, have a good day !!! you're a coooooool girl and a very good friend *hugs* :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

[ Lacrimosa - Der Kelch Des Lebens ][ English Translation ]

Lacrimosa - Der Kelch Des Lebens

Versagt im Wort
Im Traum zerflossen
Den Kelch des Lebens nur beruhrt
In einem Sog
Die Kehle mit dem Gift gefullt
Den Korper und das Fleisch zersetzt
Die Seele leer getrunken
Am Stamm der Sehnsucht wund gewetzt
Erhitzt - verbrannt
Zu heiss - vorbei

Ausgesetzt und abgeschoben
Den Samen in den Sumpf gepflanzt
Nunmehr da ich fuhle
Bin ich Mensch und will ich auch sprechen
Am Fuss der Berge will ich knien
Will das Meer mit Worten segnen
Welcher Wind hat mich gerufen
Welcher Clown hat mich ausgelacht
So brauche ich den Namen nicht
Werde nicht gerufen
Noch werde ich Antwort jemals horen

Es ist der Traum der mich gefuhrt
Und folgen werde ich bis in die Glut


Lacrimosa - The Goblet Of Life

Devoid of words
Dissolved in a dream
The goblet of life is only touched
In a wake
My throat filled with poison
My body and flesh disintegrated
My soul drunk empty
Wounded in the realms of yearning
Burned and scorched
Too hot - all past

Abandoned and discarded
Seed painted in the mire
Now as I feel
I am a person and also wish to speak
I will knee at the foot of the mountain
Bless the sea with words
Which wind has called me
Which clown had derided me
I do not need the name
I will not call out
Neither will I ever hear the answer

The dream has led me
And I will follow it into the glowing fire...

Friday, August 17, 2007

[ ]

It's 4:50am as I start typing this, I don't think it will take too long... basically all I need to say is that I've been feeling very lonely lately and I wish my girlfriend lived here in my country or vice-versa. But I'm feeling lonely not only because of that but I don't know...I feel like if there's no place I fit in, for some I'm just too quiet and calm, for others I'm just too crazy and senseless...some think I'm too Christian for them and some that I'm not Christian why fit in then? there's no point to it... better "fit out", but fitting out goes with feeling left out, oh wait I already feel like that so what the hell...

Today we'll hand in the graduation project's document, it's the last day possible... hopefully nothing will go wrong. I don't feel happy about it, cause I know it's gonna change a lot after the teachers check it... I also know there's a loooong way to go to finish this and it looks far away although it's so near in time... but I trust God will make it happen.

It's 4:56

Saturday, August 11, 2007

[ Graduation Project Easter Egg ]

Well so it's been set up :P!, I'm currently finishing my graduation project for my undergraduate degree in computer science at UCA and well today I put an easter egg in it. If you follow the right clues and do the right things you'll get enough information to watch a specific video on YouTube.

But as I said to one of my group mates and friend, Chris, I think I overdid it :P, it's just too hard... or isn't it? would I have done it if I had found out about it?... yeah I guess I would've after a couple of tries ;).

Oh by the way, no steganography in files is involved XD.

[ FlyakiteOSX ]

So taking a look at my Google Analytics [ which btw renewed interface ] stats I can see that most of people who come to this blog get here through the post about making your PC look like a Mac I made some weeks ago and then of course I thought it was my duty to warn you: this FlyakiteOSX software is not for PCs with less than 1GB RAM and maybe at least a 2GHz processor in my humble opinion, also you might want to have a good graphics accelerator. In my case, my brother's laptop in which I installed it doesn't even remotely resemble this specifications and of course it is slow as hell and with an ugly sound card problem when it shows the screen saver :S...

Ok so now I'll be able to sleep at night XD you have been warned!

Friday, August 10, 2007

[ Gmail full ! ]

Ever wonder what happens when you run out of storage on your gmail account? no? ok then stop reading... XD. Well last night I logged in to my gmail and it showed me this message:

So when I clicked on the "purchase additional storage" link it took me to this page with the different purchase plans:

And then my PC exploded !!!!! ... not -_-, so since I didn't want to buy storage I just deleted some stuff and voilá!... not a good strategy to sell storage when you could define a filter to send all incoming mail to another FREE gmail account :S but well...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

[ "Un-coupled" People ]

Is it me or it is that two of the MANY groups society divides us in are: "The ones in a couple" and "The ones not in a couple"??. Lately I've been noticing this strange division because many of my friends' boyfriends think I'm into their girls @_@ and then it is like I can't do shit with those friends cause then the boyfriend's gonna think that I'm trying to get something from her or blah or bleh or bleah and he's gonna kill me... so I can only hang out with girls who don't have boyfriends :S, I can't go to the movies with my friends who have boyfriends, I can't be "too" nice with them, I can't invite them lunch, I can't just be friendly and give them small presents or what -__-. And it's weird because I DO have a girlfriend, only she's 6,000Km away from me BUT when the girlfriend I had was right next to me I never knew of my friends' boyfriends thinking I was into their girls :S, so it is like a psychological thing that if the guy your girlfriend is hanging out doesn't have a girlfriend in a radius of 100Km then he MUST be into your girl to hang out with her XD and of course he fits into the "Un-coupled" group :P...

Well, just wanted to let that go...-_-