Saturday, November 18, 2006

[ Kabbalah ][ ? ]

I was reading just a while ago a little bit about the Kabbalah, they talked about parallel universes and the fact that life was like a movie theater in which you get only to choose which movie you're gonna watch, but you can't choose the ending of the movie, neither can you take part on the developement of the story. Under this perspective they said that you shouldn't try to change the world around you cause it was of no use; but rather you should try to switch to a different universe in which the world around you is different x_x. I don't know, i'm very respectful about ways of thinking, or at least i want to believe that; i believe in parallel universes in some way but switching between them? leaving the world as it is? trying to not make a difference? i don't think so, that's a very conformist way of thinking from my humble point of view, if you only try to adjust yourself to the enviroment [ whichever universe this is from :P ] you will never create something by yourself, you will never contribute to the developement of human knowledge, of humanity. Where would we be if Einstein, Gandhi, Jesus would have thought they shouldn't change the world surrounding them? You might have wondered [ and as well guessed ] which religion i profess, i have to say none, but i'm a believer and have faith in Jesus Christ and God.

Then again it could have been that what i was reading wasn't even Kabbalah at all and it was just somebody who typed his conception of Kabbalah; in which case just ignore this whole post :P

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