Wednesday, February 28, 2007

[ Lightbox JS v2.0 ][ by Lokesh Dhakar ]

I watched this nice CSS/JavaScript combination in a couple of sites a few months ago and I decided to try it, I love it! it's really well done, so far the only problem I've had is that sometimes the scripts won't load since they're hosted in another site different than Blogger and I don't know :S it doesn't work sometimes.

Anyhow, the only feature I haven't tried yet is the one for image sets, but I will do so right now! :P, oh before I forget, I don't take credit for this, click here for the developer's project site. Well here's the set, it's a set of 4 Evangelion images taken from photobucket so...let's see:

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leesa said...

hello! came across your blog and i was wondering if you could help me implement lightbox into my blogspot as well? you seemed to have integrated it quite well. thanks in advance! =)