Wednesday, February 14, 2007

[ M. C. Escher ]

"It is impossible to understand humanity without understanding that mathematics and poetry have the same origins"[*]
I just watched a documentary about M. C. Escher, I don't know how many of you know who he is but honestly this was the first time I got to hear about him or his art [ or at least that's what I thought ]. I got hooked on the documentary because the narrator was reading a very artistic description, written by Escher, of the way he felt when he first listened to a composition by Bach in a church [ writing that I have been trying to find on the Internet by almost 40 minutes now without success and I will have to disappointedly omit -_- ]. Escher used to write a lot, actually everything that happened to him during the day he would write it on a small calendar or agenda and they were reading it during the whole documentary, thing that was very helpful to understand his somewhat pessimistic point of view about humans, life, chaos, and some other ideas.

One of Escher's ideas that I could relate to a lot was the fact that he tried to represent Bach's music with his art, he had made a booklet with different signs that you were supposed to flip with your thumb [ a flip book if you know what I mean ] and play a specific Bach composition along with doing that, probably the first music video ever made :P.

Since he was a Lithographer, he thought that the kind of art that uses the less materials is the most beautiful one because its capable of expressing the same ideas than a very complicated piece of art without being so pompous or getting lost in the composition. You must not confuse him with a minimalist artist cause, as you can see in the next images, his structures were very complex because he was very interested in geometrical figures and the regular division of the plane :

Metamorph 8
Pessimist and Optimist
Heaven and Hell
Day and Night
Relativity <- you must have seen this one, that's why I said i thought I hadn't seen his art

I dedicate this last one [ it's the first time I dedicate a piece of art - I think - and more specifically a lithography ] to my beloved girlfriend, I hope we will be bonded like those two people for forever <3 miluju tě hrozně moc.

Escher Online Gallery.
[*] = not an exact quotation, I heard it on the documentary and couldn't find it on the net -_-
"What I give form to in daylight is only one per cent of what I have seen in darkness."

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