Sunday, April 29, 2007

[ FoxTorrent ]

I stumbled upon an article on TechCrunch about this new Firefox Add-on called FoxTorrent which lets you stream, YES STREAM, BitTorrent downloads and manage them from within Firefox!, no need to use Opera anymore is it? XD...well well both of them have their stuff...

I'll install the add-on tomorrow and we'll see, it was about time to replace
Azureus, or Zudeo or Vuze or whatever they are calling it this minute, man are they annoying those name changes, but what it bugged me so much was that they only offer some content for the United States of America -_-

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David said...

Hey, great to hear you found FoxTorrent. Drop us a line at if you have any problems, or just email me at (or Tom at if you have any questions.