Thursday, May 3, 2007

[ The Idiot Machine ]

You've probably heard the term "idiot box" to refer to a television, today I'm bringing you another term: the idiot machine, I tried a lot to think of a short catchy name but believe me when I say that it was the best I could come up with; and the fact is that any other name I could think of expressed all the anger and indignation that cars make me feel towards them. I just can't believe how they have ruined our planet and it fills me with a lot of anger that maybe I should address to Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci or maybe to Karl Benz, I am not sure who to hate about all the destruction automobiles have made to the environment and even more to our society as we know it by making people want bigger cars and faster cars which pollute even more than some others.

I don't know how can you dismiss ideas such as a steam powered car [ Ferdinand Verbiest ] or another one based on a hydrogen+oxygen mixture [ Fran├žois Isaac de Rivaz ] and have the bright idea to use a non-renewable resource to power the transportation of billions of humans for the rest of the days -_-. I can't believe what a waste it has been and how people have never realized this up until now that it's too late and try to fix it with another ways like those hybrid stuff. It makes me so angry that humanity cares so little about itself. I will never buy a car, if I ever do, you have permission to ask me for the keys and it will be yours.

I don't know why the idiot box is called that, I don't know if it is because you become an idiot by using it, or because it is an idiot invention itself or because the people who invented it were idiots; as for the cars, all of those reasons are true.

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