Friday, August 17, 2007

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It's 4:50am as I start typing this, I don't think it will take too long... basically all I need to say is that I've been feeling very lonely lately and I wish my girlfriend lived here in my country or vice-versa. But I'm feeling lonely not only because of that but I don't know...I feel like if there's no place I fit in, for some I'm just too quiet and calm, for others I'm just too crazy and senseless...some think I'm too Christian for them and some that I'm not Christian why fit in then? there's no point to it... better "fit out", but fitting out goes with feeling left out, oh wait I already feel like that so what the hell...

Today we'll hand in the graduation project's document, it's the last day possible... hopefully nothing will go wrong. I don't feel happy about it, cause I know it's gonna change a lot after the teachers check it... I also know there's a loooong way to go to finish this and it looks far away although it's so near in time... but I trust God will make it happen.

It's 4:56

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