Saturday, November 25, 2006

[ anti-deviantART ]

There is a website somewhere which claims to be anti-deviantART but i really don't understand their reasons, maybe they don't have any or maybe they do, who knows. Anyways the point is that i highly dislike deviantART, despite the fact that i have an account there [ which i don't use anymore and have barely ever used ], the simple reason is that nobody is actually a critic there, they only tell you what you wanna hear/read and i've always thought i have my mom for that. If i wanted somebody to tell me how good i am at doing stuff or how cool my "art" is i would simply show it to my mother, i think everybody that posts their art there would be better artists if others would contribute to actually criticize their works. If you're a dA fan and you believe everything that all the other users are saying about your art you might as well be a moron! :D [ IMHO ]; they just say nice things about your art because they want you to say nice things about theirs.

So i'm on an anti-dA regime right now, i don't visit any dA site and i encourage you to stop visiting them as well :).

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