Wednesday, November 29, 2006

[ hate ]

I was listening to a song today by Creed that said
"(...) I'd sacrifice all those nights if i could make the Earth and my dreams the same, the only difference is to let love replace all our hate(...)"
I thought that it was very logical to want such thing to happen, i thought that it would help a lot to this world if that happened, that it was a perfectly normal wish; but then i started wondering about it, because i've always said that sadness should have the same value as happiness, that depression must be an equally valid emotion as bliss and that society shouldn't tell you which of them to look for in life, they shouldn't force you to try to be happy, some of us feel very comfortable being depressed and there is always people trying to cheer you up instead of letting you feel however you want to feel since both of those emotions are a gift from God, both are a manifestation of His glory of His creation, which other of God's creations is as perfect as humans? [ maybe just the universe ] then why should we stop humans to enjoy those emotions that God Himself gave us? [ whether they are "bad" or "good" emotions. Having said this, i started wondering if [ based on the same principle ] hate could have the same meaning as love and if this was so, then we couldn't force people to replace their hate for love because we would be stopping their free will, we wouldn't be letting them enjoy a feeling that God gave us.

The answer to the question i asked to myself is NO, hate can never have the same meaning as love, for the simple reason that hate is not an emotion/feeling [ what is the difference between those two? is there any? ] created by God, hate was created by humans [ stupid us ]. If you take a second to think on it you will see that hate is not something immediate, something spontaneous, you have to judge an action or an act or person before hating it/him/her, being this judgment the result of a long thinking process or the result of a quick thought [ a reaction ] is what makes it a human-created emotion which i would not consider natural, but social; we've learned it through time and tradition [ stupid us ]. I believe love, on the other hand, is not a meditated emotion; it's true that real love takes a long time to build up but it all starts with a small thing, with a spark if you wanna call it, and that small thing is not a judgment of an act or a person at all.

Since we humans are a highly self-destructive breed we created hate to hurt everybody involved in the structure hater-hate. It is strong enough to make you experience a physical reaction whenever you see somebody or something you hate, an unpleasant physical reaction most of the time so it's a very masochistic feeling which it can get the hater to physically/psychologically hurt the hated and in which case the circle is complete and the structure could begin again with a small switch of roles.

Despite this, we can't force haters to stop hating but still we must show them that it is not the right path to take if humanity wants to survive any longer on this planet, hate has been the cause of great material loses, wars, deaths, etc. So, in conclusion, we can say love and hate are no equally valued feelings [ as are happiness and sadness ], since something created by humans will never compare to the perfect creation of God.

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