Saturday, February 24, 2007

[ Apropiación Ética de la Muerte ][ Ethical Appropriation of Death ]

I loved this article about death that I read in one of my lessons last semester [ the last one of my career BTW :D ], unfortunately [ for some of you :P ] it is written in Spanish, I don't know if I will ever try to translate it because I don't think that my English is THAT good yet, but believe me that someday I would like to. If you know a place where I can find it in English, please let me know.

By now I uploaded a scanned version of it to this sharing files service and the next link will take you to a page from which you'll be able to download the PDF file:

Edited: It was written by Marciano Vidal and is part of a tribute to Javier Gafo Fernández called "Bioética un diálogo plural" [ Bioethics - a plural dialog ].

Edited: I wish so much that I could comment on this great article but I feel that it has to be translated to English first or else my comments would be too vague, maybe I'll have to comment on it in Spanish if this strong impulse persists.

Edited: I decided to make a widget with the paper in two different file formats, the first one is in PDF and the second one is a DOC [ Edited: I had to use the widget to upload other files so scroll down and you'll find them ]:

If you have problems using the widget you can always click these links for the files:

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