Saturday, February 10, 2007

[ Flock ][ Web Browser ]

Well, I don't remember how I got to know about the existence of Flock but I've been thinking of it since I discovered it and I don't even know why either XD, maybe it's this adjective they use to describe it: "social web browser". Don't be scared about the "social" part, you neo-liberal capitalist pig XD haha, it is not socialist [ that would be funny though XD ], the social adjective refers to the ability to easily interact with social networking sites [ part of the Web 2.0 services ] such as My$pace, Flickr,, etc.

I must add that Flock wouldn't have caught my attention so much if this "social web browser" hadn't been based on my favorite web browser: Mozilla Firefox, I consider Firefox to be the best web browser ever for so many reasons, I've tried Internet Explorer (duh), Netscape, Opera and Firefox and the last one is faster [ to load ], more reliable, efficient and more secure just to mention a few things. I decided to try Flocker after reading about its features such as drag and drop sharing and live bookmarking pictures on Photobucket and Flickr, posting from any website to your blog [ if supported ], an improved way of managing your RSS feeds, online publishing of your bookmarks, and receive search results [ from your history, bookmarks, Yahoo! and Google ] as you start typing in the search box [ all these stuff added to Firefox's features ].

So I just downloaded it and I must say it is heavier than I thought, 9.02MB compared to Firefox's 5.69MB.

I'll give it a try this week and keep you informed :P, we'll see if they are worthy of putting this button on this blog's sidebar:
I Flock


Adriana said...

Let's Flock! XD!!!!!!!!!

Evan said...

Hey Ryouji,

Thanks for trying Flock...hope you enjoy it!

-Evan Hamilton
Flock Community Ambassador
evan at flock dot com