Tuesday, April 3, 2007

[ El Salvador ][ Most Metal Searcher Country ]

I don't know how I happened to get to the Google Trends page a few minutes ago, on which you can "See what the world is searching for". I decided to look up some of my interests and see the Cities and Countries in the world that most searched for them.

First I searched for Goth and as you can see we can almost officially declare Sheffield, United Kingdom as the "Gothest" city in the world; as for the regions, Iceland [ logically (no offense, guys) ] is the "Gothest" country in the world [ UK with a honorable second place ]. Then I decided to widen my search a little bit out of the Goth subculture and I searched for Gothic Metal, surprisingly La Paz, Bolivia is the city of the world that most searches for Gothic Metal! and as for the region Bolivia appears as well as number one, whereas my country El Salvador appears in a not so despicable sixth place!! and yes I am quite surprised and proud of it!! :P. But I was even most surprised when I searched for Metal!! El Salvador has the number one position in the search for METAL \m/, of course this can be due to other reasons rather than the Metal musical genre but being honest I don't think it is the case, Chile for example appears as the second country to search for that [ and number one city: Santiago, Chile ], it is well known that Chileans like Metal a lot but they also are producers of copper :P so this could be an influential factor in the results, El Salvador on the other hand...produces nothing! XD we export people !! OK, that is not completely true, we MIGHT produce something but we are not producers of any kind of metal [ that I know of ].

So feel proud people!! not anymore just because of our Pupusas but now also because we are the most avid Metal searchers IN THE WORLD \m/, !!!! XD. I bet you're already wondering how this affects our society and everyday life huh?...well, go find out yourself! :P...I will just say one thing: we could be worst if we didn't listen to this much Metal, because listening to Metal works as a catharsis for living in such a troubled place...IMHO.

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Anonymous said...

Somos lo mejor!!!!, escuchando metal :P... y haciendo pupusas jejejeje!!!!