Thursday, April 12, 2007

[ Paul Hindemith ][ Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, Op. 30 ]

Sometimes I feel like Stravinsky's music is kind of "too silent", or at least it has too many moments in which there is only one instrument playing a couple of notes for a few minutes and nothing more... and it is not a bad thing the first 100 times you listen to it XD but then, I don't know, it gets kind of boring to wait for a part you enjoy among all those "silences" [ of course there is people who enjoy those "silences" but I am not going to listen to music to enjoy "silences" XD ]. There is also Shostakovich when I have the need to listen to this kind of chamber [ classical? ] music [ which I quite don't know how is called... modern classical (XD)? neo-classical? progressive classical? *shrugs* ] but I don't feel much comfortable with some of his instrumental compositions, I prefer his operas although I have only listened to one called Babi Yar [ his 13th "Symphony" ]; I feel sometimes the rhythm [ if there is one ] is hard to follow on his instrumental compositions.

Now I have found Paul Hindemith and I listened only to his composition "Quintet for Clarinet and Strings" [ Opus 30 ] and I enjoy it more than Stravinsky's or Shosta
kovich's instrumental compositions, I think it is less complicated than their music, but yet without getting too easy to listen to and maintaining an "avant-garde" style in which I find high pleasure to digest. The rhythms are easier to follow and the "silences" are not too long, only the necessary; I have been listening to this composition over and over during the past days and everytime I do the "silences" are more bearable [ in opposition to Stravinsky's :P ].

I am providing you the link to download the 5 movements of this composition recorded live at the Donnell Library Center, NYC on March 11th 1996 and performed by Gary Dranch (Clarinet), Yuri Kharenko (Violin), Alex Kirillov (Violin), Alexander Rees(Viola) and Vladimir Penteleyev (Cello). The files are hosted on and they are provided by them free of charge so any legal complaint you have, please contact them. [ left-click the link and search for the "Download:
" link, it will open a pop-up window in which you must right-click the "MP3" image and select "Save Link As.." or "Save Target As...", then rename the file from "download.asp" to something like "Paul Hindemith - Opus 30 - 1st and 2nd Movements.MP3" (notice that you must delete the ".asp" file extension and change it for an ".MP3" one) ]

1st and 2nd Movements -- Sehr Lebhaft & Ruhig.
3rd Movement -- Schneller Laendler.
4th and 5th Movements -- Arioso - Sehr Ruhig & Sehr Lebhaft - wie im ersten satz.

I hope you enjoy them, do post some feedback, please :P


Lucie said...

" of course there is people who enjoy those "silences" but I am not going to listen to music to enjoy "silences" XD" XD XD
Glad to see your new entry here :P I could actually see if I will find this compositon notes in a library and try to play it! But without the strings it will be somewhat "empty"... and I haven't even listened to it or downloaded it yet :P
Miluju tě! Všechno nej nej nej nej nejlepší k narozeninám!! ^_^

ryouji_shiki said...

Ohh that would be great even without the stings, because it will be you playing it ^_^ <3