Monday, April 16, 2007

[ Google Analytics ]

Google Analytics, another service by Google, this one might actually interest you XD. Just by putting a short JavaScript code in every page of your website you can track down even the smallest detail of your visitors, even if they have showered today or not! XD, OK maybe not that much detail but you can get to know the screen resolution, web browser, operating system, the referring source from which they visit you, their country + region, of course how many visits + pageviews per visit your site has had and a somewhat big ETC.

What I like is that you can use it in a really professional way [ viewing the reports as webmaster/marketer ] or you can just leave it at a very basic level [ viewing them as an "executive" ] and the best of all, it's free. I recommend it and I hope you try it and let me know what you think...and yes I'm talking to you, the red-headed from Calgary, Canada; it says here that you haven't made your homework, go do it now!!! XD.

Thanks to Roberto who first gave me a sneak peak demo :P for telling me about it. I'm posting you a screenshot of a report from April 13th so that you can get the idea of what you're missing:

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