Friday, April 13, 2007

[ Gratitude ]

What a good day to thank God all He has given me and all He hasn't given me, I know I can do it personally praying alone in my room but I want you all [ whichever low number "all" represents XD ] to know His love. I know some of you do know His love but I want to re-enforce your beliefs and mostly your faith in Him and remind you that He is there and always will be, because despite the sinner I am He has always been there for me and He has taken care of me and put the right people [ and of course the wrong people ] in my way to make me be who I am right now and for all that I am very grateful. Just put your problems in His hands and know that He'll do whatever is best for you.

Accept Jesus as your savior and be his friend, but don't do it as a set of rules you must apply to your life or traditions you have to follow and keep, please don't do it as a religion, but do it just as if he were a friend who will always be there for you and give you his advice whenever you need it.

In my personal experience I tend to relate more to God than to Jesus although I have faith in both of them, I think God talks to you in the way you need Him; in my case I have always needed a father [ although I've had a great mother and brother that have acted as one :P ] more than a brother [ cause I have the best ] or friend [ or mother, cause I have the best as well ;) ] and God has been my father all along, the best father I could have I think that if you need a friend or a brother God will talk to you through Jesus and if you need a father like me, then God will talk to you Himself.

I am posting the lyrics to a song my girlfriend [ the best in the world, the love of my life, the other half of my soul ] burned in a CD for me, I liked them a lot today that I listened to it for the first time. It's by DC Talk and it's called Red letters which [ according to what my girl read ] refers to the fact that in some English versions of the Bible they used to print [ or still print? or what? ^3^ ] everything that was spoken by God and/or Jesus in red letters. Try to listen to the song if you can [ you can play it in the widget I have put in this post but you need the Flash plugin for your browser to do so (btw, for any legal stuff, I didn't upload it, I just found it and streamed it) ], it is really really good, like a mixture of Dream Theater with Queen and something else...:P

Pages filled with a holy message
Sealed with a kiss from heaven
On a scroll long ago
Phrases, words that were bound together
Now have the power to sever
Like a sword evermore

Heed the words divinely spoken
May your restless heart be broken
Let the supernatural take hold

There is love in the red letters
There is truth in the red letters
There is hope for the hopeless
Peace and forgiveness
There is life in the red letters
In the red letters

One man came to reveal a mystery
Changing the course of history
Made the claim he was God
Ageless, born of a virgin Mary
Spoke with a voice that carried through the years
Its persevered

Heed the words divinely spoken
May your restless heart be broken
Let the supernatural take hold

(repeat chorus)

What you say moves me, revelation, come and take me
The more I look [the more I look] the more I see [the more I see]
The word of God [the word of god] is what I need

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Yeah, its the book of love
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Its the book of love

(repeat chorus)

Speak to me, breathe in me new life [x2]
Let him in your heart [x4]
DC Talk - Red Letters.

P.S.: thanks to all of you who remembered my birthday ^_^, specially: Lucie, Mar, Pía, Carlos, Suki, C, Fabito, tama, Marvin, mono, el colocho, el chobe, my brother, my mother, Diana, Mireya and Nikki [ did she? in her own weird way? XD ] guys are the greatest and you mean a lot to me even though I sometimes don't show it.


Lucie said...

:D I am glad you liked the song! I haven't heard so many songs by them but this one is definitely the best one. And it's true, in one part of the song it sounds EXACTLY like Queen O_o

This was a good read; God is wonderful, and I am so very glad that you have been experiencing it and knowing his love too in your life! ^_^ <3

ketch22 said...

Love your ditty... Just a word of FYI, you keep referring to Jesus and God as 2 seperate entities... Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is God, and the Father is God... I think you were meaning to say Father instead of "I relate to God more than Jesus". Also, the red letters are Jesus only, not the Father or the Holy Spirit talking.

ryouji_shiki said...

Thanks for pointing that out, I guess I do that differentiation in my head/soul, but you're right...
I'm glad you like the song by DC Talk ^_^