Saturday, May 12, 2007

[ FoxTorrent - Second Part ]

I tried it and I didn't like it, the streaming feature needs a lot of improvement...Also I tried the same torrent file with Azureus and Foxtorrent and the download was a lot faster with Azureus [ or, again, however it's called today at this hour ]. So aparently I'll have to code my own client to be satisfied XD haha right, as if I could...and don't get me wrong, it's not that I dislike Azureus, it's the best if you have a computer with a lot of resources and it doesn't bother you that now they have totally sold out :P...

Oh and if you're wondering which torrent file I tried it was one for an openSUSE linux 10.2 DVD
ISO image that I got from the official site:

Ah I forgot to mention that my computer "froze" and I lost some of the data I had downloaded already but I don't know if I should blame this on FoxTorrent, so I am not. Oh and I haven't installed openSUSE yet :P.

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