Thursday, May 24, 2007

[ I'm sick ][ fuck! ]

Argh I'm sick...It's been long since I was sick for the last time...I feel like shit or shit's shit XD, well just thought I would share that with whoever is reading this...I hope you get sick too XD haha kidding...uhm, so I'll just post some friend's sites since I want to help them draw more traffic to their sites [ rrright XD ]:

Gaijin Da's Multiply Page: Some of the members of this band [ Nikkita, Roberto and Akito ] are my friends and they play anime music covers in anime conventions and stuff. If you want to listen to what they'll be playing next you must be a Multiply member though :P. Oh the name means "Foreigners" in Japanese.

Wil Alfaro's Myspace Page: Wil is a friend I've known since highschool whom I appreciate a lot since he has influenced me so much in my musical taste and for that I am very thankful. He is a musician [ composer, producer, saxophonist, and a big ETC. ] and he has a recording studio and stuff, I don't think it has a name though haha but I remembered now I made a logo for it and I called it Studio SixtyWil XD. The stuff he has uploaded by now is very latin but he has also been producing a Salvadorian Death Metal band called Necrosadic, you can listen to a track he produced on their Myspace site.

Oh well and since I'm talking about Salvadorian bands I must talk about one of the bands that will open the Symphony X concert in my country, Symbolic, they're quite alright, sort of Speed Metal/European Power Metal, check them out.

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