Saturday, August 4, 2007

[ "Un-coupled" People ]

Is it me or it is that two of the MANY groups society divides us in are: "The ones in a couple" and "The ones not in a couple"??. Lately I've been noticing this strange division because many of my friends' boyfriends think I'm into their girls @_@ and then it is like I can't do shit with those friends cause then the boyfriend's gonna think that I'm trying to get something from her or blah or bleh or bleah and he's gonna kill me... so I can only hang out with girls who don't have boyfriends :S, I can't go to the movies with my friends who have boyfriends, I can't be "too" nice with them, I can't invite them lunch, I can't just be friendly and give them small presents or what -__-. And it's weird because I DO have a girlfriend, only she's 6,000Km away from me BUT when the girlfriend I had was right next to me I never knew of my friends' boyfriends thinking I was into their girls :S, so it is like a psychological thing that if the guy your girlfriend is hanging out doesn't have a girlfriend in a radius of 100Km then he MUST be into your girl to hang out with her XD and of course he fits into the "Un-coupled" group :P...

Well, just wanted to let that go...-_-

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